I am a male stripper

I am 19 years old and have been a male stripper for about 11 months now, mostly just parties on weekends to earn extra money while I am in college.

The weirdest or wildest thing I have ever seen at a party was probably the 42nd birthday party where my aunt showed up unexpectedly. She is my Mom`s youngest sister and was 45 at the time and I was still only 18.

She was just as surprised to see me at the party as I was to see her. The birthday party was at the home of the birthday girl and no husbands or other men were allowed in the home for the 2 hours I was there. About 10 women were there, all drinking wine and / or margaritas.

Most of the women got very touchy/feely with me after 2 or 3 drinks and most of them gave me a handjob or a blowjob.

My aunt was guilty too.

She gave me a quick handjob that only lasted about half a minute after she had 1 margarita about a half hour into the party. She was sitting with 2 other women on a sofa in the living room. None of the other women knew that I was her nephew. After the quick handjob my aunt gave me, she looked up at me with a playful smile and said “Go and make your rounds and let the other ladies have some fun too, but come back here later, ok ?”  I smiled back and said “I promise I will.”

After making my rounds around the living room, dancing in front of each woman and letting them touch, stroke, lick or suck as they pleased, after about 30 minutes had passed I had worked my way back to the sofa where my aunt was sitting with the 2 other women.
It was pretty clear to me that she had drank at least one more glass of wine or another margarita, if not 2 more, while I was dancing for the other women. She immediately reached for my dick and began stroking it, looking up at my face and smiling at me. I was completely hard and at my full 9 1/4 inches. While she was stroking my dick, one of the other women sitting next to her was gently caressing my balls with her hand and fingers. She was also in her mid-40`s but still in decent shape and attractive for her age the same as my aunt.

My aunt stopped stroking but still holding my dick in her hand and still looking up at me with a playful smile, she gave the tip of my dick a fast lick, then started stroking again. She didn`t say a word to me, but kept looking up at me with a flirty smile. I was getting really excited and could feel pre-cum leaking out.

After half a minute, my aunt again stopped stroking, but this time she held my dick at the base and took the first 5 or 6 inches into her mouth. Still not saying anything to me, but still looking up at me with my dick in her mouth. I could see her eyes were smiling and playful while she looked up at me. She began sucking on the first 6 inches of my dick, taking all 6 in and then going back to the tip, slowly, and the whole time looking up at me with her flirty eyes to see my reaction.

The woman sitting next to her was still playing with my balls at the same time.

I quickly pushed most of my 9+ inches into my aunt`s mouth, maybe up to 8 inches I would guess, and I saw her eyes water up and could feel her gag a little bit. I quickly pulled all my dick out to let her recover her breath. She coughed a couple of times and her eyes were a little watery, but she smiled at me and said “It`s too big honey… I can`t get all of you into my mouth, sorry. But I´ll do what I can.”
Then she grabbed it and put it into her mouth again, but only about 6 inches which is what seemed to be her limit.

She started sucking harder than before and I could tell she really meant business this time. She was still looking up at me while sucking, I think to watch my face to see if I was going to cum or not. The woman sitting next to her was still playing with my balls at the same time.
I could feel I was going to cum and I told them both that it was coming any second. My aunt took my dick out of her mouth and said “That`s what we want honey. Let it all out. Come on !” and she quickly started sucking my dick again, but this time only the head of my dick, while she stroked the rest with one hand and the other woman still caressing my balls. I couldn`t hold out any longer and I let loose and started to cum in her mouth. She squealed when the first couple of spurts came out, her squeal muffled by my dick in her mouth. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and stroked it fast and hard while I was still cumming. I splashed all over her face and hair and got a couple of shots onto the face of the other woman too.

They both giggled while I was cumming and my aunt said “OMG ! It`s like a geyser !”

After cumming all over them, they both looked up at me smiling. My legs were trembling and I was breathing hard. The other women at the party had been watching and all were laughing, clapping their hands and trading high fives with each other.