I Am A Male Stripper 3rd Post

Hello again forum members. I`m back !

Here is another incident that happened recently…

In case anybody new here to this forum hasn`t read my prior posts here,
you can start HERE to learn more about me and my other adventures as
a male stripper.

This incident happened the Saturday of August 11, 2018
My mother came to visit me and make a nice lunch for us on that afternoon.
She brought along her best friend whom she has known since I was a baby (about 19 years of being friends).

Her friend is 46 years old and has been married at least 20 years or so.

They showed up at my apartment around 11 a.m. with all the ingredients to prepare lunch with, after going to the supermarket first.

My Mom said it would take at least an hour before the food was ready, so I told her I would go to the gym and be back in about an hour.
She said
“Ok honey, take your time.” and I left for the gym.

I worked my chest and lats at the gym, doing my sets faster than I usually do, with less rest between sets, to make sure I would be back in time.

I got back to my apt. about 12:15 and my Mom said that lunch was almost ready.
I told her “Ok good, I`m starving. I`ll take a quick 5 minute shower and be ready to eat.”

I went to the shower, took a quick shower, and quickly dried myself off and wrapped the towell around my waist.
I usually don`t take my fresh clothes to the bath room to change,
since I usually put my clean clothes on in my bedroom.

I stepped quickly out of the bathroom, into the hallway, and the towell around my waist came loose and fell to the floor.
At just that moment, my Mom`s friend was walking nearby,
in the living room only about 6 to 8 feet away.
That part of the hallway in front of my
bath room was in clear sight from the living room.

Her friend was the nearest to me when this happened, but my Mother was also walking in the living room, a few feet behind her friend.

My Mom only caught a very quick glimpse of me when my towell dropped. Her BFF got a much better view, and much closer 🙂

Her friend automatically looked at my dick when the towell dropped to the floor. Maybe just out of pure instinct, or the natural curiosity that women have.
She smiled and said
“Ooooppsss !” and then as I quickly pulled up the towell to cover myself, she covered her eyes with one hand, but with an open space between her fingers to peek through.
Still smiling.

I quickly got the towell wrapped around my waist again, and went to my room and shut the door to get dressed. I was really embarrassed, mostly because of my Mom getting a peek.

As I got dressed in my room, I heard them giggling in the kitchen.

I was reluctant to come out of my room, even though I was starving and wanted to eat.
After about 5 or 10 minutes, and I was fully dressed,
I heard a light knock on my door and heard my Mom say
“Honey, can I come in ?” and I said “Yeah, come in.”

She knew I was embarrassed and said “Don`t worry about it honey, it`s not such a big deal.
It`s not the first time either one of us has seen a man naked, you know. We both have
husbands, and she has a son too, only a couple of years younger than you. Relax. Come on
out to the table and eat, I know you`re hungry.”

I was still feeling embarrassed, mostly due to my Mom seeing me but not so much because of her friend.

I came out of my room with my Mom and saw her friend sitting at the dining room table waiting for us. She didn`t say anything to me, but gave me a sly little smile.

We sat down and started eating, and she and my Mom talked about other things, gossipping about neighbors and other friends of theirs, and seeming to try to make me feel less embarrassed about what happened.

After they made chit-chat for 15 or 20 minutes, we were almost finished eating, and my Mom`s friend said to me
“So what`s his name ?”

I was confused about what she was asking and said “Who`s name ?”

She said “Your little friend`s name… well, your not-so-little friend`s name ?
The one I got a peek at when you stepped out of the bathroom ?”
with the same sly little smile that she gave me before we started eating.

My Mom said “Oh Mary ! You`re terrible !
Leave my poor son alone !” but she was also smiling.

(Mary is not her real name, by the way. I have to protect the identities of the not-so-innocent) 🙂

So Mary continued with her teasing and said “I bet you named him King Kong right ?” and giggled.

My Mom joined in on the teasing (but with more innocent intentions) and said
“Or maybe you named him Godzilla ?”

Both were laughing at this point, and I just sat there, trying to ignore them and finish eating.

They made a couple more jokes, then I finished eating and said
“Thanks for the nice meal, but I better go study for my Biology exam.”
My Mom said “Ok honey, yes, go study now. Sorry we are being so bad. Don`t feel embarrassed ok ?”

I said “Ok, no problem.” and got up and kissed my Mom on the cheek and went to my room to study.
As I kissed my Mom on the cheek, as I often do, her friend looked at me with that sly playful smile again, without saying anything.

I went to my room and closed the door and started studying for my upcoming exam.
I heard them in the kitchen washing dishes and cleaning up, and talking and giggling.
I couldn`t hear what they were giggling about, but I can guess.
If it was what I think, I know my Mom`s reasons for joking and giggling were innocent, and she was assuming that her friend`s reasons were innocent too.
If that is what my Mom assumed, it turns out that she was very wrong in that assumption.
As I will share here on this forum with you all.

After I had studied in my room for almost an hour, my Mom knocked on my door and I let her in.

She said “Alright honey, we cleaned up your kitchen even cleaner than how we found it today.
We are going now, I have to go buy some gardening supplies and pick up my watch I took in to be repaired.
Mary has to go home and do laundry and start dinner for her own son and her husband.
I hope you liked you lunch today.
And sorry I joined in on teasing you. We didn`t mean anything by it, so relax honey.
Come say good-bye and thank Mary for helping me cook lunch.”

I came out to the living room and Mary was sitting on my sofa and had that little smile on her face again.
She stood up and said “We have to go now. I hope you enjoyed your lunch today with 2 beautiful ladies. You are such a lucky boy !” and laughed along with my Mom.

I said “Both of you cook better than Julia Childs and Betty Crocker put together, and yes, more beautiful too !”
and smiled at her. I was testing her to see her reaction to my compliment.
She laughed and said “Oh ! What a nice compliment ! It`s always nice to hear such a compliment from a handsome young man like you. Especially at my age.”
She then gave me a good-bye hug that lasted a little bit longer than usual, and squeezed my upper arms with her hands.
It seemed to me that she made an extra effort to push her breasts into my chest when she hugged me.
I did get a little hard after her hug, to be 100% honest.

My Mom gave me a quick hug and a peck on the cheek and said
“Good-bye honey, hit those books and ace your exam for me, ok ?”

I said “Ok Mom, I will ! Thanks again for lunch and cleaning up.”

She said “That`s what Moms are for honey. Now study hard, and be good !”

Then they both left, my Mom in her car, her friend Mary in her car.

I noticed after they left that Mary left her cell phone on my sofa.
I knew that sooner or later she would come back for it.
About 15 minutes later, she came back and asked me if I saw it.
I lied and said no, to see if she was up to something, and she came inside to look for it.
She found it quickly and then sat down on the sofa.

She looked at me with a big smile and asked me “Can I ask you a question ?
After I saw you when your towell fell, I got curious about something. Do you dance for women as a male stripper ?
If you don`t, you should ! You have a really good body. The women would go crazy for you.”

I told her “Yes I do, but don`t tell my Mom, ok ?”
She said “Of course not honey.”
And then she said “Can I ask you another question ?
And please don`t think badly of me.
I have never been to a party with a stripper, but I`m curious.
If I sit here on the sofa, would you mind dancing for me for a few minutes with the same music that you use
at the parties ?
You can dance with your thong on.
I don`t want to see you completely naked.
I only want to see you dance a little bit and see how well you move.”

I said “Ok, but this is a secret between you and me.”
She said “Yes, Top Secret honey, I promise.” and she placed her finger over her lips to signal keeping a secret.
I told her “Ok, wait here. I`ll go to my room and put on my thong.
Do you want me to use the black one or the red one ?”
She giggled and said “The black one, honey.”

I went to my room and took off all my clothes, and put on my black thong.
My dick was already half hard and it filled the front of the thong and made a bulge.
I was already starting to get excited from the long hug she gave me before they both left.

After I put on my thong, I wrapped a towell around my waist and returned to the living room.
She was still sitting on the sofa and smiling.
I started some music on my sound system and walked over and stood in front of her where she was sitting.
I began dancing slowly with the towel still wrapped around my waist.
She was watching me with a nervous smile and said
“I can`t believe I`m doing this, this feels so naughty !
I`m so nervous right now ! Don`t you feel nervous too ?”

I said “Relax and enjoy yourself. Nobody else will ever know about this, and anyway we aren`t doing anything so bad.”
She said “Ok, I`ll try to relax, but you make me feel so nervous !”

I kept slowly dancing in front of her, still with the towell around my waist and then she
asked me “Do you have any wine here ? Wine helps me relax.”

I said “Yeah, I`ll bring you a glass of white wine.”
She said “I think I need more than 1 glass, honey, can you bring the bottle and a glass and put them on the table here ?”
I said yes, and went to the kitchen and came back with the bottle of wine and a glass for her.
She poured a glass of wine and drank it quickly.
Then she said “Ok now, that`s better. Where were we ?” and smiled at me playfully.
I began dancing slowly again in front of her, still with the towell around my waist.

She said “Wow, honey, you have such a sexy body ! Would you mind if I touch your 6 pack ?”

I said “Do whatever you want.”
She began rubbing my abs with both of her hands and looked up at my face, smiling at me.
She said “OMG you are so hot ! It`s a shame that my husband doesn`t have abs like you.
I love your body. More guys should have a body like yours.”

She stopped for a moment to pour another glass of wine, drank it quickly and began rubbing her hands over my abs again and said
“Your abdomen is so hard, honey, wow ! How nice !!”

I danced for another 2 or 3 minutes as she was rubbing her hands on my abs, still with the towel around my waist.

She was more dizzy, relaxed and smiley after the second glass of wine.
I decided it was time to remove the towel around my waist.

I let it drop to the floor. She saw the bulge inside my thong and covered her mouth with her hand and giggled.
My dick was more than half hard. Probably at around 7 or 8 inches, but still not my full 9 inches

She looked upwards at my face and said “Ooops ! What a big bulge you have !” Then she looked at my bulge again, smiling, and said
“You know what ? I changed my mind, I want you to take off your thong.
I want to see it! Only if you want to though !”

I said “Ok, you can see it if you want. No problem.”

She said “Nice ! But let me drink one more glass of wine.”
She poured another glass and drank it down quickly and said “Ok ! I`m ready ! Take it off,
take it off…. Whoooo-Hooohhh !” acting silly and playful as the women at the parties usually do.
I began to have doubts that she never went to a party with a male stripper before, as she had told me.

I told her “You pull it down… I want you to do it.”

She giggled and said “Ok, you don`t need to ask me twice !” and then grabbed the thin straps on both sides and quickly pulled downwards.
She pulled it down to my ankles in one quick motion and as she pulled the thong down,
the front of the thong got caught on the top of the head of my dick.
My dick got pulled downwards and then bounced back upwards and hit her under her chin.

She laughed loudly and said “Oh my God ! Please don`t hit me with your big baseball bat !”
She was really getting into it and losing her inhibitions and acting silly.

I danced and moved my hips from side to side, and made my dick move from side to side in front of her face.
She was giggling and smiling and covered her eyes with her hand, but peeking between her fingers at my dick, playfully.

She removed her hand from her eyes and said
“I can`t believe I am asking this, but is it alright if I touch it ?”

On a side note :
Women always seem to use the same phrases, I have noticed. It`s like they all got together for a big meeting and agreed to use certain phrases, like :
“I can`t believe I am asking this.” or “I can`t believe this is happening.” or “I can`t believe I am doing this.” or “Please don`t think badly of me, but can I touch your dick ? (or stroke it, give it a little kiss, give it a little suck, etc.)

I have heard all of those phrases at least a dozen times each, just after dancing at 40 to 50 parties.
Anyway….. back to what happened :

I said “Go ahead. Touch it. No need to be shy. I know you want to.”

She took my dick in one hand, playfully and still smiling, and lifted it upwards, then to one side, looking at it from different angles.

She said “It`s so big, honey. I would be afraid to have this monster inside me. And does it get even bigger ?
It seems like it`s not even fully hard yet.”

I said “It still has another inch or 2 to grow. If you suck it, you`ll get it to it`s full size real quick.”

She said “I can`t do that honey. I don`t want to disrespect my husband. What I am doing now is already bad enough.
I only want to touch it with my hands, ok ? Maybe even stroke it, if you want me to.
Like a massage, but a very naughty massage.”

When she said that, I took it as a challenge. I grabbed my dick at the base with my right hand, and started lightly tapping her face with my dick.
I tapped my dick mostly on top of her mouth and lips as she was smiling and shaking her head no.

She moved her head side to side saying “No, no, stop” but still smiling.
I said “Come on. Open your mouth. You know you want to suck it. Your husband will never know. Open that mouth.”

She said “Ok honey, but only because you insist ! I`ll suck it for you.
Only the first half. I won`t be able to put all of it inside my mouth. It`s too big.
You`ll gag me with that thing.”

I said “Good girl. That`s what I like to hear. Open wide !”

She smiled and said “Only for you, bad boy.” and opened her mouth. I grabbed her hair behind her head and held it in my hand.
I was kind of rough about it too 🙂

I pushed the first 5 or 6 inches of my dick into her mouth while I held her hair in my hand.
I slowly pushed the first half of my dick in and out inside her mouth.
I did this slowly and gently for a couple of minutes, holding her hair firmly in my hand.

After 2 or 3 minutes I started pushing more of my dick deeper into her mouth.
My dick was at its full 9 inches by this time.

Little by little, I think that about 7 or 8 inches was inside her mouth, but she started squealing.
Her squeals were muffled with my dick in her mouth but I could feel the vibrations of her squeals on my dick.
She was trying to say something, then she started coughing, so I pulled my dick out quickly and let her
recover her breath.

She slapped me on my leg and said “OMG ! You almost choked me ! You`re such a bad boy!” but laughing as she said it.

Then she said “I want to see if I can get all of it in my mouth. But I want to try it my way, not your way bad boy. You`re too rough !”

I said “Ok, tell me how you want it.”

She said “Lie down on your back, on the sofa, and don`t move. I`ll kneel on the floor and try to get it all inside my mouth, but don`t push it or move it, ok ? Let me take my time. I`ve never had such a big one in my mouth before, or anywhere else before… so be a gentleman.”

I said “Ok, I`ll try to be a good boy this time.”
She smiled and said “I know it`s hard for you to be a good boy, but try really hard.”
and she slid off the sofa, from her sitting position, to a kneeling position on the floor
in front of the sofa.
I lied down on the sofa, on my back, face up and dick up 🙂

She said “Ok, here goes nothing !” and took the base of my dick in one of her hands and
started sucking on the first 5 or 6 inches.

As she sucked on the first few inches, I said “You don`t need luck, just persistence.”
She laughed while sucking and choked up a little bit.
She slapped me on my thigh and said
“Don`t make me laugh ! This is serious business young man !”

She continued sucking and tried little by little to get more into her mouth.
This went on for about 10 minutes or so.
She would take my dick out of her mouth every couple of minutes, to
take a few quick breaths before continuing.
Every time she did this, she would stroke my cock with one of her
hands (a little bit too fast) as if she thought it would go soft in the 10 to 20 seconds she was catching
her breath.
These little odd things that women do when they play with my dick always make me smile.

After about 10 minutes, she had still not gotten all 9 inches into her mouth.
I think she managed to get about 7 inches in.
She took it out of her mouth, and then stroking it in her hand (a little too fast again) said to
me : “I can`t do it honey. I`m sorry but your cock is too big.
How many girls have been able to get all of you in their mouths ?
I bet not very many.”

I said “About 5 or 6 have been able to.
Out of about 40 or 50 parties I have danced at so far.”

She said “See what I mean ? Only 5 or 6 girls out of so many parties.
I am surprised that even 5 or 6 could !”
I take my hat off to them and give them my respect !”
and she laughed.

While she talked she was still stroking my dick a little too fast and I grabbed her wrist of the hand she was
stroking with and made her slow down the pace of her strokes.
I said “Just like that, not so fast. Stroke it slow and easy. It won`t go soft,
I promise you.”

She giggled and said “Sorry honey. This is all so new to me. Playing with such a big dick.
Yours is at least 3 or 4 inches longer than my husband`s dick, and a lot thicker too.
I want you to stay big for a while longer. I`m having such fun with yours !
I`m such a naughty girl today, right ?”

I smiled and said “Yes, you`re being a very naughty girl today Mrs. Preston.
I`m very surprised at you. And very disappointed in you too.”
Preston is not her real last name either, I`m keeping identities safe and private guys,
for her sake and mine too. She is a married lady after all 🙂 and… also my Mom`s BFF.

She laughed and said “Yeah, right ! You`re not disappointed at all !
You`re loving every minute of this, I can tell !”

I said “You got me. Guilty as charged.” and she giggled and lightly slapped my upper leg
and said “You`re so bad !”

I said “I know. I`m such a bad boy. I want to help you get all of my dick into your mouth.
Let`s try again and I`ll help you this time.”

She gave me a suspicious look and said “Ok honey, but don`t choke me too much this time.
Be a gentleman alright ?”

I lied and said “Ok, I promise to be a perfect gentleman. Now start sucking.”

She did as she was told and started sucking my cock again, but just the first 5 or 6 inches, like she did before.

I let her do this for 2 or 3 minutes while I talked dirty to her.
I said “You are such a bad girl today Mrs. Preston.
Do you like sucking my big fucking dick ? I know you do naughty girl.
Keep fucking sucking it bad girl, until I tell you to fucking stop.”

She took it out of her mouth, still stroking it in one hand, and said
“I love how you talk dirty to me. It feels so much more naughty when you talk to me like that.
It`s so hot and sexy, don`t stop.” And she started sucking again.

I continued talking dirty to her and said “Mmmmmm fuck yeah bad girl, you`re really learning fast how to suck my big fucking dick.
Have you had practice with a big dick before, or is it coming naturally to you now ?
Is my big dick bringing out the dirty slut in you today ?”

She stopped sucking again, and stroking my dick in her hand, she answered my question
“Never had a big one like this before…
so it must be that you`re bringing out the dirty, naughty slut in me today.” and winked at me.

She started sucking again, and again being timid and sucking only the first 6 inches… maybe 7 inches at the most.
I roughly grabbed her hair on the back of her head in my hand and said “Take all that big cock in your mouth you dirty little slut !” and quickly pushed her head down, holding her by her hair roughly, and made her gag on my dick. I think I got all 9 inches in, but only for a couple of seconds.

She gagged and coughed when I pushed it all in, and I quickly pulled her mouth off my dick by roughly pulling her hair.
As my dick came out of her mouth, she was coughing loudly and gasped for breath. After a few seconds, she stopped coughing, looked at me and said
“You promised to be a gentleman. Some gentleman you are !”
Her eyes were watery from the gagging and coughing.

I answered “Gentleman time is over.
Now it`s time to treat you like a dirty little slut.”

She said “Oh My God. What have I gotten myself into ?”
and I grabbed her by the hair again and roughly pushed her mouth down on my dick again.

She could have closed her mouth and refused to let me choke her again, but I think she was enjoying being a little slut for me.

I pushed her head down, holding her by the hair, and lifted my hips up from the sofa and pushed into her mouth. All 9 inches, but just for a few seconds, and I could feel her gagging on it.
I pulled her head away quickly, by her hair, and my dick flopped out of her mouth, and she had another coughing fit, worse than before.

This time it took her half a minute or more to stop coughing. As she was getting near the end of her coughing, I said :
“If only your husband could see you now.” with a devilish little smile.

She stopped coughing, cleared her throat and said “I know, right ?
He would probably have a heart attack or something.
Seeing me be such a naughty little slut for the 19 year old, hot, big dicked son of my best friend.
And seeing me let you gag me with that big cock of yours.”

I said “Yeah, he would probably have a stroke or something.
But what he doesn`t know, will never hurt him.” and then
I told her “Now lick my balls you dirty little slut.” and I stood up from the sofa and stood over her.
She was still on her knees on the floor next to the sofa.
I stood over her, with my dick resting on her face and she started
licking my balls as I told her to.
I said “Fuck yeah, lick my balls like a good little slut.”

She grabbed my dick in one hand and started stroking it, still licking my balls.
She looked up at my face after a couple minutes and asked “Am I your little slut for today ?
I know you must have lots of little sluts, but am I your naughty little slut for today ?”

I said “Fuck yeah. You`re my favorite little slut for all this week so far.
Now, little slut, start sucking just the head of my dick and at the same time, stroke the other 8 inches with your hand. And look up at my face while you do it…. okay my naughty little slut ?”

She smiled and said “OK… anything you want, just tell me. I`m your dirty slut today.” and she started sucking the head of my cock, looking up at me, and stroking the rest of my dick in her right hand.

I told her “Stop a second. Spit on my dick and get your saliva on it to make it more slippery for your hand.”
She did as she was told, and spit on my dick twice to lubricate it, and then started sucking the head and stroking the rest of my dick with one hand.

I will continue with sharing what happened tomorrow guys…
I really should have been studying for my Economics exam, so I am going to hit the books hard right now…

I will be back soon and finish this post up, I promise guys, so Stay Tuned ! 🙂


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