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Hello all, this is the forum Admin and I have a new post. This is the source of the article, but you can read it right here and respond here as well.

My Wife Has a Bachelorette Party This Weekend, Should I Be Worried?

Let me first start by saying I trust my wife implicitly. She is one of the last true decent human beings on this planet. I know she would never do anything to mess up our relationship. She loves her family and loves me way too much to do anything stupid.

My worry is about the other girls at the party and me. I don’t like people, I don’t like people I don’t know and I don’t trust people. People have stupid ideas. There are a butt load of ladies going to this thing that I don’t know. People come up with dumb ideas and people I don’t know come up with dumber ideas.

I don’t want some lady who hates her life, whose looking to really get wild come up with a bad idea. Like “hey girls, let’s go to the strip club!” What will happen if that happens is my wife will tell me what they are doing, I will get in the car with a baseball bat, drive to where they are and start denting heads.

I’m talking off the rails insecurity and rage on a level you have never seen before. I’ll be taking batting practice on some juice heads. There will be banana hammocks flying through the air, I’m talking mass destruction and women weeping into their cocktails wailing “why?” I’ll be stabbing people in the neck with penis straws like a porno ninja.

WARNING TO THE GIRLS AT THE PARTY – If you wanna have a good time don’t have bad ideas. If you do, mine will be worse.

What is the weirdest or wildest thing you have ever seen at a bachelor or bachelorette party? GO!

First Reply :
I have been a male stripper for about 10 years, mostly just parties on weekends.

Let me see… the weirdest or wildest thing I have ever seen at a bachelorette party… mmmm well probably the the party I danced at (a birthday party and the birthday girl turned 40)
where my aunt showed up unexpectedly. She is my Mom`s youngest
sister and was 42 at the time and I was 27.

She was just as surprised to see me at the party as I was to
see her. The birthday party was at the home of the birthday
girl and no husbands or other men were allowed in the home
for the 2 hours I was there. About 10 women were there, all
drinking white wine and / or margaritas. Yes, most of the
women got very “hands on” with me after 2 or 3 drinks, and
yes some of them gave me BJ`s, and yes… my aunt was one
of the culprits as well.

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