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Diana Rosero

This is an incident at a party I attended which involved a woman
surprised to find her nephew was one of the male dancers hired
for the party…

I went to a girlfriend`s 43rd birthday party about 2 weeks ago.

The party was in her home with about 15 to 20 female friends
and co-workers, all professional women in their 40`s, dentists,
lawyers, teachers and even a couple of doctors.

3 male strippers were hired for the party for 3 hours, so no husbands
or other males were allowed in the home for those 3 hours 🙂

Soooo… all of us ladies were sitting around in the living room
and some others in the large kitchen next to the living room,
drinking Margaritas, wine, etc. and being entertained by the
3 guys as they made their rounds to each of us.

One the strippers came to where I was sitting, on a sofa with
2 other women whom I had been casually chatting with. He looked
like the youngest of the 3, but very tall, well-built and
very well hung.

He stood in front of us, fully nude by this point, his penis
semi-hard but already much bigger than my husband`s when fully
erect, and gyrating his hips so that his still-growing penis
slowly moved from side to side just inches from our faces.

The 2 women sitting with me on the sofa seemed to be nervous,
so I lightly flirted with the hot young stud in front of us.

I had already had 2 drinks and was working on my 3rd, while
the 2 ladies sitting with me were only on their 1st drink.

I asked him with a smile, “That thing looks like it could
really do some damage. I bet you make your girlfriend whimper
and cry every time you use it on her, huh ?”

He laughed and said “Yep, you win that bet, but she isn`t
the only one I make whimper.”

I said to him “I`m not surprised. I am sure you have lots
of girls on your waiting list, bad boy.”

At that, he got much closer to me and told me to stroke it
with my hand if I wanted. And that is what I did 🙂

I felt him growing bigger and I put it along my forearm to
measure it. The base of his penis started at my elbow with
the head going to my wrist. As thick as my wrist too 🙂

He asked me “Do you want to be on the waiting list too ?”
I said “You never know what could happen. The night is just
getting started. But for now, I`ll give it a little kiss so
you can let some of the other ladies play with it too.”

At that, I quickly kissed the head of his penis, gave it a
couple of quick strokes with my hand, looked up at him and
said with a wink: “Come back a little bit later and we can
play some more, ok ?”

He winked back at me and said “We have a date. I`ll be back later.”

The other 2 women sitting with me were just sitting there
watching my interaction with him with big nervous smiles
on their faces, speechless.

After he left to go entertain some of the other women,
I looked at the woman sitting next to me and jokingly
asked her “He certainly is blessed down below, isn`t he ?
He should register that big thing as a deadly weapon and
apply for a permit.”

The woman looked completely stunned and confused and leaned
over to me and whispered: “He is my nephew and he`s only 19.
I am in shock right now !”

Before I continue, here is a physical description of her,
and her nephew :

She was in her early 40s, with long, curly dark hair
(she looked latina) and was very petite, about 5 feet 1 in.
at the most, when I stood next to her I felt much taller
and I am only 5 feet 5 in.

Although she was short and petite, she had nice breasts,
a small waist and nice legs. I could tell she was a regular
gym-goer or jogger and took care of herself well. For the
sake of her privacy I will refer to her as “Rita”
(not her real name).

Her nephew was at least 6`2 in. with big muscular arms, chest,
legs, etc. and 6 pack abs, and VERY well endowed down below,
I would safely say he had a good 10 inches, and thick.

He looked completely different from his aunt. He had blondish hair,
blue eyes and lighter skin, but with a light tan. I guess he got
his genes from his Mother and not his Dad (his Aunt`s brother).

After whispering to me that he was her nephew, I asked her
“So do you want to leave now ?”

She gave me a sheepish look and said “No, I am intrigued now.
I want to stay and watch how far the other women will go with
him. Including you. I know I am so wrong to say this, but I
was getting really turned on by what you were doing with him.”

I told her: “I plan on doing a lot more when he comes back
around. And you know, you are allowed to have a little fun
too, even if he is your nephew. You can at least give his
big penis a few quick strokes with your hand and maybe
even give it a quick kiss. Its all in good fun and doesn`t
mean you are going to leave your husband for him and then
run off and get married with him.”

Rita laughed and said: “Yeah, you`re right. And I do really
want to play with him a little, I know I am so bad for saying
that.” continuing to laugh.

“But I feel so nervous to do anything with him. Will you help
me loosen up with him when he comes back to us ?”

“Sure,” I said. “Just follow my lead and do what I do or suggest
for you to do when he comes back. And believe me, even though he
is your nephew, he`s a guy and you are an attractive woman,
he will let you do anything you want, trust me. I saw how he
was looking at you when he first came over to us, like he wanted
to eat you alive.”

Her face blushed and with a nervous smile said: “Ok, thanks,
I`ll follow your lead. Just dont get me to do something with
him that I will regret.”

I laughed and said “As long as he doesnt get you pregnant,
what would be to regret ?”

She gave me a tap on my wrist and laughing, said: “Oh My God,
you are terrible ! ha ha ha”

The other woman sitting with us on the sofa heard most of our
conversation, including the fact that it was her nephew and
our little plan and with a mischievous smile asked us if she
could be our partner in crime too.

“Of course,” Rita said laughing: “I think I am gonna need all
the help I can get, he is a very big boy,, ha ha ha”

The 3rd woman (I will call her Jenny, but not her real name)
said : “Ok, but I promise I will let you have most of the fun.
Let me get us all some more wine to loosen us up more before
he comes back.”

At that, she went to get us more wine.

I will post the 2nd half of this story in a day or 2 from now,
when I have more time… It turned out to be a much more
interesting ending than I had expected 🙂