I Am A Male Stripper 2nd Post

This is an update, continued from my post here

This new incident just happened recently over the weekend of July 13th to July 16 and I want to write about it while the details are still fresh in my mind.

My aunt who attended the party which I wrote about in my first post on this forum, came to visit family here (my Mom is her older sister 🙂 … ) along with her husband.

They came from several states away and usually stay at my Mom`s house when they visit, but this time some other relatives were already staying at my parents house and there was no place to put them up for their stay here.

My Mom, not having a clue about what occurred at the party between me and her sister, asked me if my aunt and her husband could stay with me at my apartment, since my room mate had moved out last month and I still have not found a new one, and I currently have an empty room still with a bed in it.

I said “Sure Mom, no problem.” 🙂

Later tonight or tomorrow I will continue this post and share what happened during my aunt`s stay here with me. Her husband was also here, but she and I were creative 🙂 Well, to be honest, my aunt was the creative one. If there is one thing I have learned during the past year of being a male stripper… is that women can be Sneaky with a capital “S”

Check back here later guys .. I will be continuing this post soon.

July 29, 2018

Sorry guys ! I have been really busy these past several days.. I danced at 4 parties this week end, including a 40th birthday party that really got crazy. I will probably write a post about that party soon too.

Anyway…. I will write soon about what happened when my aunt (and her husband) stayed here at my apt. those few days.. for now… I will just mention that on the first night they stayed here at my apt. that my aunt snuck into my room at around 1 a.m. when I was already asleep (and her husband asleep in the other room). I woke up with her sitting on the edge of my bed, gently rubbing my half-hard dick through my shorts with her hand…. and she smiled playfully and said “Quiet honey… we don`t want to wake him up.”

To be continued soon… I promise !

July 30, 2018

Okay, I have some free time now… finally !

So… to continue with what happened, I woke up with my aunt in my room, around 1 a.m., and gently rubbing her hand on top of shorts over my bulge inside. My dick was half-hard when I woke up.

I was surprised and startled when I woke up, and grabbed her arm kind of roughly before I realized it was her. I usually sleep with the light on inside my bathroom, so there was a dim light in my bedroom and I could see that it was her. She giggled softly, smiled and said “It`s ok, it`s ok, it`s only me, your sneaky little aunt ! Be quiet honey, we don`t want to wake him up.” referring to her husband asleep in my spare room.

I told her “I was hoping that you would do this. But I was only 50/50 that you would actually do it.” She responded “And are you happy I am here and surprised you like this ? Or are you disappointed that your aunty is being a bad girl ?”

I said “I love it ! Be a bad girl all you want.” and she smiled and said “Good. I think I will ! but only for you.”

We had ordered pizza and drank a bottle of red wine, watched a movie on TV, and all went to sleep around 11 pm that first night that they stayed with me. 2 hours later, she had snuck into my room. Her husband (my uncle) had drank most of the bottle of wine, and she and I only drank 1 glass each.

After she woke me up, she told me that he was snoring hard and sleeping like a baby, so she felt safe to sneak quietly down the hallway to my bedroom for a quick 5 or 10 minute visit. She said “I love being sneaky and naughty sometimes.” and grinned at me.

She told me that her husband was going fishing with an old friend of his who he knew since High School and would be leaving at 8 a.m. and would be gone most of the day. She told me that we would have a lot of time to play, if I wanted to, and asked me if I already had plans to go somewhere. I told her that I was only planning to go to the gym and do laundry the next day, but I would much rather play with her.

She said “Good ! It`s a date then !” and then said “I was thinking of inviting my best girlfriend who I have known since the 3rd grade to come over here too. You can put on some music and dance for us like you did at the party. I`m sure she would love to see you dance.” Then she slid her hand down into my shorts and gently grabbed my still half hard dick in her hand, and said “I`m sure she would love to see this too.” and giggled.

By this time, I had slid my hand into her low cut sleeping gown and was fondling and rubbing her big breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. She has double D`s (not Mickey double D`s)… her waist is still several inches smaller than her tits and her hips. She has a very curvy body, especially for her age.

She then asked me to slide down my shorts a little so that she could give my dick a quick kiss before sneaking back to bed with her husband. I did as she asked, and when it was free from my shorts, she continued gently stroking it in her hand and said “Wow honey, why do you have such a big dick ? To tempt all us girls, huh ? OMG, and you`re not even fully hard and yours is already a lot bigger than your uncle`s when his is completely hard.”

I said “Yeah, you`re right, it`s to tempt all of you ladies with and make good girls act like bad girls.” She giggled and said “You`re such a bad boy. But even though you are a very bad boy, I`m still going to kiss it and suck it a little. But only for a minute, I don`t want to risk him waking up and come looking for me.”

She then held the base of my dick in one hand and began gently licking and kissing the head for about half a minute, then she took the first 5 or 6 inches into her mouth and sucked hard for another half a minute or so. While she was licking and sucking, I was still fondling her big tits.

I was fully hard and at my full 9+ inches by this point. She suddenly stopped and took it out of her mouth and said “I can taste your pre-cum honey, you`re getting too excited. I don`t want to make you cum now. Save it for me and my friend when she comes to meet you and see you dance. I better go back to bed now, in case he wakes up.”

I said “Ok, but I want to try something really quick, this will only take a few seconds…” and I firmly grabbed her left wrist in my right hand and grabbed her hair on the back of her head (a little bit too roughly probably ha ha) in my left hand and quickly pushed her head down so that her lips were pressed against my dick and told her “Open wide… I want to see how much of it you can take before you go back and snuggle up next to your husband.”

She giggled, with her lips pressed against my dick, and said “OMG ! I can`t believe you just said that ! You are so bad honey ! Ok, ok, alright… I will try my best, but don`t gag me too much and make me cough and wake up your uncle.” and she opened her mouth. Still grabbing her hair in my hand, I pushed her head down and at the same time I raised my hips off the bed and pushed my dick upwards into her mouth. I did this slowly though, so that when she started to choke on it, I felt it right away and pulled her mouth off by pulling her hair upwards and lowering my hips.

After pulling out of her mouth, she coughed lightly a couple of times covering her mouth with one hand, and cleared her throat and said “Are you happy now you little devil ? You like to make us girls gag on your big cock, huh ? You are becoming such a bad boy.” and she gently slapped my leg, playfully.

Then she said “But I forgive you. We`ll try it again tomorrow and see if I can do any better with more practice.” and then said in a very playful tone of voice “You know what they say right ? Practice makes perfect !” and giggled.

She then gave one quick last kiss to the tip of my dick and pulled my shorts up to cover it and said “Let him go back to sleep now, he has a big day tomorrow. I want my friend to see him at his best.” and giggled again. She then said “Ok honey, I better sneak back to bed now. Sorry to do that to you, and leave you like this, but you are such a temptation, I couldn`t resist.”

I said “Ok… but I hope you and your girlfriend don`t tease me like this tomorrow.” She responded “We will tease you a lot at first, to get you really worked up, but I promise we won`t leave you like I am doing now honey. Sorry baby, but I have to go now, I can`t risk being here any longer.” and she stood up and tip-toed across my room and out into the hallway. She tip-toed in a funny, exaggerated way, like a cartoon character robbing a bank or Wiley Coyote sneaking up behind the Road Runner. I laughed before she made her way to my door and she said “Sssshhhhh ! Silence !” still in a playful tone of voice.

Ok… I have to get going now. I will continue writing this post very soon, when I have more free time, and share what happened when her girlfriend came over, so check back here guys.

Update – August 1, 2018

I have a few minutes now and can write a little about what happened after I woke up at around 8:30 that morning. I will have some more time later tonight to continue writing, I hope…

Anyway, I woke up around 8:30 am with my aunt again in my bedroom, but this time instead of her sitting on the edge of my bed, she was in bed with me, still in her night gown, snuggled up next to me with her head resting on my chest and her hand slowly moving up and down on top of my shorts over my bulge. I was semi-hard when I opened my eyes and felt her in bed with me.

I asked her “How long have you been here ?” and she said “Only about 10 minutes. My husband left about 15 minutes ago, his buddy came and picked him up. So we are safe now, I locked the door when he left, and he doesn`t have keys to your apt. so if he comes back for any reason he will have to knock first.”

“Nice.” I said. Then I slid one hand down the front of her night gown and gently squeezed one of her double d tits and said “Now I have these big sexy tits all to myself.” Her nipples were already hard. She responded “And now I have this big cock all to myself.” and started trying to pull my shorts down with one hand, but wasn`t able to. I said “Let me do it.” and reached down with both hands and slid my shorts off.

My semi-hard dick flopped out and she giggled and said “Oooops ! He`s starting to wake up again !” I said “Why don`t you wake him up even more with a good morning kiss ?” She said “Of course I will” and moved her head down to my dick and her legs positioned close to my upper body, her round bottom in her short night gown within my reach.

She started gently and lovingly licking and kissing the head of my cock. I reached over and raised her night gown up to her hips and saw that she was wearing small, sexy orange panties. I started gently caressing her ass with one hand while she was licking and kissing my tip. I was able to reach down with my other hand and squeeze her tits and lightly pinch her nipples.

We did this for a good 10 minutes or so, getting started slowly after just waking up and enjoying playing with each other. Then her cell phone rang, she had brought it to my room and put it on my night table. She quickly stopped and answered it, by the 2nd or 3rd ring, and it was her husband. She said “Hi honey, I went back to bed after you left, I am still half asleep, sorry.” He said something, then she said “Ok good, and you guys can buy some trail mix or apples or something healthy to snack on while you are fishing. Don`t buy donuts or cookies, Ok !”

They talked for about 10 minutes like this, and she was slowly stroking my dick with one hand and smiling at me while she talked to him. She even quickly kissed the tip a couple of times, while he was speaking and she was listening. I just laid back with my head resting on my pillow and enjoyed watching how naughty she was being, without her husband having a clue.

And thinking about how hard I planned to Fuck her later 🙂

— I have to go take care of some stuff now, but will try to get on her later tonight and continue with what went down. She and I played until about noon, then ate lunch, then her girlfriend showed up a little before 1 pm that afternoon….

Will continue this soon… later guys !

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