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Diana Rosero

Hello everyone, I am back now.

I am going to continue writing about the same party that
I started writing about on August 11th.

So, for those who have not read the first party, look
for that post by me written on the 11th.

Here is the continuation of what happened :

Her nephew came back about 20 or 30 minutes later…
after going to entertain other women at the party.

The other woman (who I will call Jenny) sitting
with us on the sofa helped me to make the situation feel
more comfortable, by talking and flirting with her nephew,
(Mike, not his real name either).

We could see that both Mike and Rita were nervous. Rita much
more nervous than Mike, to me it was obvious, but I knew she
was excited and curious too, and that sooner or later she
would loosen up. She was halfway done with her 2nd glass of wine,
so I knew she probably only needed 1 more glass 🙂

As Jenny and I flirted with Mike, I took things up a
notch by asking him if he would mind if I gave his
penis a little kiss.

“Be my guest” he said with a smile. Smiling back at him,
I grabbed his large
member in my hand and eagerly put the head in my mouth
and sucked gently
while still looking up at him as I sucked. After half a
minute I took it
out of mouth, and holding it in my hand I looked at
Rita and asked her:
“You wanna give it a try now ?”

She looked at me and said with a nervous laugh
“I`m not quite ready yet,
I think I need some more wine, ha ha ha”
Then Jenny, our partner
in crime, said : “Alright then, I guess its up to
me !” and pulled himby his hand directly in front of
where she was sitting on the sofa.

She quickly took him into her mouth and did the same
thing that I haddone with him, but took about half of
his length into her mouth, where as I had only
sucked the head of his penis.

After half a minute she took it out of her mouth and
said to Rita “Your turn now ! Don`t think about it,
just do it !” and then said to Mike “Make it easy
for her and take it in your hand and then touch it
to her lips.” He did just that, but I could tell
he was a little nervous.

He put the head of his penis on her lips, and Rita,
playing hard to get, did not open her mouth to let him in.

Instead she only smiled up at him with a closed-mouth smile,
not even wanting to expose her teeth, and shook her head no.

But I could tell she was being playful and making him work
for it, building up the tension.

Holding his semi-hard penis in 1 hand, Mike started rubbing
it all over her face as she continued with her closed-mouth smile
and her eyes flirtily looking up at him, shaking her head
pretending to refuse cooperation and teasing him
even more.

She was also making him be the instigator so she could
claim innocence later, if needed.
But I knew she was hardly innocent, since she could have easily left
the party 2 hours ago. Nobody had a gun to her head making her stay,
so I knew she wanted it.
Saying this as a woman, almost any woman would have wanted what Mike
had to offer.

I told Mike: “She is just playing hard to get, so keep
doing what you`re doing, she is gonna surrender soon,
I can tell !”

Mike then switched from rubbing his x-large penis
all over her face to tapping her
face with it, holding the base of it in his hand.

He was semi-hard and probably about 8 inches at this point
and it made a funny slapping noise as he tapped it on her cheeks.
She squealed with her mouth still closed, pretending
to protest as Mike continued tapping her face more forcefully
and the slapping noises got louder.

I was getting really turned on just watching them,
and I could tell Jenny was too.

Finally, Rita said: “O.k I surrender, I surrender !”
and with a nervous giggle opened hermouth to let him
put it in.

She sucked gently on the head for only about 10 seconds
and then quickly took it out, laughing nervously and
said “Oh My God ! I am so
bad tonight. I cant believe I just did that !”

We all laughed, including Mike, and Jenny said to Rita:
“I can believe you did it, and I
don`t blame you at all !” Rita laughed and seemed a little
embarrassed, but was
starting to enjoy herself more and loosen up.

I told Mike: “Alright bad boy, you had your fun spanking
her face, now go play with
the other women in the party for a while and come back later.
Jenny and I will make sure that we get more wine into her
and she is ready to be a
bad girl by the time you come back again. I promise !”

He smiled at me, gave me a Hi-5 and said “Alright, I will
hold you to that promise !”
He then walked away with a satisfied smile and went to
entertain a small group of
women who were sitting at a table on the patio.

——– There is more to write about, and I will try to write the rest
of what happened in a few days from now, when I have more time…